Tezos UK

Join our community to get USDtz, learn about baking (staking) and the Tezos ecosystem or write a smart contract

Tezos UK is a trusted intermediary for minting USDtz. Minting happens periodically and clears within 3 hours, however additional operations can mean your USDtz arrives within 12 hours.

Just sign up with the form once, and we register your ETH and TZ addresses. You will then be taken to a page, save the wallet address, and use whenever you want to swap your USDC for USDtz.

Processes are still being updated based on feedback from the community, however our goal is to maintain no minimum deposits and build out more integrations.

We hope you find this an easy service to use and if you have any questions, please find us on Telegram.

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USDtz Mintery


Send USDC here anytime to receive USDtz. Ensure you have signed up and you will receive your deposit within 12 hours.

USDtz compatible wallets include Galleon, Magma, Thanos and AirGap.